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BB Energy Group Holding Ltd. (DIFC)

This is the parent consolidating entity of the Group which owns the following four key subsidiaries:

1) BB Energy Holdings N.V., Curaçao
Our holding company involved in global Oil & Gas trading activities and owns the below subsidiaries:

• BB Energy Trading Ltd., London
Europe and the Mediterranean region

• BB Energy (Gulf) DMCC, Dubai
Middle East, Arabian Gulf, Red Sea, East and South Africa, Pakistan, Western side of India and the CIS

• BB Energy (Asia) Pte Ltd., Singapore
All the Indian subcontinent in addition to Asia and the Pacific region

• BB Energy USA LLC, Houston
Domestic trading in the US in addition to Central and South America

• Feedco S.A., Geneva
Established trader of Base Oil with a substantial inter- national client base, especially in Africa

• Storm Energy S.A., Geneva
Oil distribution business active in Zimbabwe and the DRC mainly for Gasoline and Gasoil

• BB Energy Belgium SRL and BB Energy France SAS
Recently established domestic oil trading activities in France and Belgium

2) 3B Holdings Limited, Hong Kong
Our holding company involved in global Bitumen activi- ties and owns the below subsidiaries:

• 3B Trading DMCC, Dubai
The Bitumen trading arm of the Group

• Maris Terminal, Turkey
The Maris terminal is in the port of Mersin, which is the only storage facility dedicated to the import of Bitumen into the Southeastern region of Turkey

• 3B Shipping Ltd., Cyprus
We charter vessels to support our trading activities

3) BB Energy Renewable Division (RED) Pte Ltd., Singapore
Our new holding company involved in investing and managing Renewable Energy projects and owns:

• Solarcentury Africa
In line with the Group’s ambition to transition to greener and cleaner energy, the Group acquired Solarcentury Africa in Q1 2021. Solarcentury Africa is one of the leaders in Africa for the development of solar PV and energy storage projects

4) BBE D Pte Ltd., Singapore
Our holding company involved in investing and managing downstream Oil & Gas assets which complements our trading activities. BBE D Pte Ltd. owns the following subsidiaries:

• Hypco Turkey
Retail and distribution business in Turkey servicing the country from a fast growing network of 111 stations

• Société Pétrolière Ltd., Rwanda
Our leading downstream distribution company in Rwanda (largest Oil Marketing Company) with sourcing subsidiaries in Kenya and Tanzania. SP owns a storage depot and sells refined petroleum products through its retail network to commercial and industrial customers

• Société Pétrolière Ltd., Morocco
We opened new offices in Casablanca and reached our target to have ten operational retail stations under our brand ‘Société Pétrolière’

• Euro Oil (Pvt) Ltd., Pakistan
Our Oil Marketing Company in Pakistan selling Gasoline and Diesel from a network of retail stations in the Punjab region. Euro Oil operates 48 retail stations and one storage depot with a capacity of 7,000 mt

Our affiliated companies:

• BB Energy Management S.A., Athens
Our Group’s administrative and risk management centre where all the Group’s transactions are recorded, monitored, and consolidated