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BB Energy Foundation

The BB Energy Foundation is an independent entity funded by BB Energy. It prioritises investment in women and children to catalyse sustainable development. Its mission focuses on their education, health, overall wellbeing, and environmental progress, particularly in poverty-stricken regions where BB Energy operates. Working in collaboration with non-profits, we believe in effecting meaningful change by addressing societal challenges. Our values, including sustainability, equality, and inclusivity, guide our actions, ensuring integrity, respect, and transparency in all endeavours.

“The BB Energy Foundation is dedicated to investing in the education, health, and overall well-being of women and children in countries affected by poverty.”

Perihan Bassatne

BB Energy Foundation Chair

Health and education

Transforming Lives

Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, our strategic objectives aim to uplift marginalised communities, with a spotlight on Rwanda, Guyana, and South Sudan.