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Investment in an LPG Terminal and Distribution Business in Rwanda

BB Energy is supporting the energy transition by investing in LPG infrastructure in Rwanda.

BB Energy 10 January 2024

The Nationally Determined Contribution for Rwanda includes the following targets by 2030:

  • At least 80 per cent of the rural population to phase out open fires by accessing modern efficient or alternative cleaner fuels and cooking stove technologies.
  • At least 50 per cent of the urban population to use modern efficient cook stoves or cleaner cooking fuels, such as LPG, pellets, briquettes, electricity, or green charcoal.
  • Reduce deforestation by decreasing demand for wood biomass for cooking and heating.

These ambitious targets mean that approximately one million households will need to be provided access to new sources of energy by 2030. However, the existing LPG infrastructure in Rwanda is operating at maximum capacity, primarily due to bottlenecks around the lack of LPG storage and cylinder filling capacity.

To support this transition, BB Energy’s Société Pétrolière is designing, constructing, and eventually operating a 17,300 m3 LPG storage infrastructure. This capacity, if fully utilised with LPG volumes, would serve the full forecasted demand in 2030. The project has received all regulatory approvals, and detailed designs. Environmental Impact Assessments, and licensing processes are complete. Financing from the Rwandan Development Bank has been obtained, and civil works are currently ongoing. The target is to commission the project in 2025.