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Beirut Marathon for BB Energy

BB Energy 12 May 2016

BB Energy sponsored a team at the Beirut Marathon in aid of the Syrian Refugee crisis

On Sunday November 13th 2016, in its 14th edition, the BLOM BANK Beirut Marathon witnessed thousands of runners from 99 nations around the world join together to run for a great cause.

BB Energy’s head of Corporate Communications, Karim Bassatne said of the event: “We are a company built on family values, when a member of my close family (Mariana) mentioned to us the marathon and the opportunity to sponsor a team in aid of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon – whom now account for well over 1.5 million people of the total population – it was a no brainer for us. It’s heart breaking to see so many families and children displaced having lost not just their homes but members of their family.”

The Beirut Marathon Association and BLOM BANK, with the support of 171 outstanding partners and officials, succeeded in delivering the 14th edition of a day that is now considered a national pride.

These are some of the marathons favourite highlights:

  • 43,288 participants along with 4,200 guides, ran for one of the 148 partner NGO’s and their causes
  • International Association of Athletics Federation President, Lord Sebastian Coe graced the BLOM BANK BEIRUT MARATHON as our guest of honor
  • The winner of the marathon was Edwin Kiptoo from Kenya with a time of 2:13:14
  • The oldest runner was born in 1928 and the youngest was born in 2016
  • This year, 226 special needs athletes were at the start line
  • LBCI gave six full hours of live broadcasting to thousands of viewers across Lebanon, the Middle East, Europe, USA and Australia
  • 220,000 water bottles were recycled
  • 16 ReRun Structures made from recycled and reused material were displayed all over the streets of Beirut
  • The Donate Your Running Shoes initiative has distributed 1351 shoes
  • Out of 155 Beirut 542 runners, 150 made it to the finish line completing their FIRST EVER marathon after just 5 months of training!
  • Through the Adopt a Team program, 1450 underprivileged children were able to participate

Deenah Fakhoury, associate director of the marathon said, “I would like to mention that the Beirut Marathon has transcended the objective of being the biggest sport’s event in the region to become a uniting national one to include the whole community. It is with the generous support of companies like BB Energy that we are able to include underprivileged children from all the regions within the “Adopt a team “ program, where children  are given the opportunity to participate with their transportation back and forth, breakfast and lunch ensured, along with the proper welcome for this unforgettable day.”

The Beirut Marathon Association has a bigger picture in mind, one that will bring  the people of Lebanon together in Unison. This year’s marathon was a continuation of the road towards peace through sports, because after all, peacemaking is a marathon.

Media Contacts

Karim Bassatne
Head of Corporate Communications
T: +971 4 432 8300