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Solarcentury Africa Powers Balama with 11.25 MWp Solar and 8.5 MWh BESS Project for Syrah Resources

Syrah Resources achieves full operations of a groundbreaking 11.25 MWp solar and 8.5 MW/MWh BESS hybrid system at Mozambique’s Balama Graphite Operations.

BB Energy 26 October 2023

• The system, designed by Solarcentury Africa, will provide over 35% of the mine’s power needs, making it one of, if not the, greenest off-grid mines in Africa, reducing carbon emissions and saving Syrah Resources millions of dollars in fuel costs.

• Syrah Resources and Solarcentury Africa’s collaboration demonstrates the advantages of reducing   reliance   on   fossil   fuels   and   embracing   renewable   energy   for   cost   and environmental benefits.

Syrah Resources Ltd’s Balama Graphite Operations in Mozambique has reached an exciting milestone with  the  successful  operation  of  a  cutting-edge  solar  and  battery  hybrid  system.  Designed  by Solarcentury Africa, this groundbreaking system features an 11.25 MWp solar photovoltaic array combined with an 8.5 MW/MWh Battery Energy Storage System (BESS).

The plant will deliver more than 35% of the mine’s total power demands, making it one of the greenest off-grid mines in Africa. With exceptional penetration of emission free renewable energy, the project will save millions of litres of diesel, reduce thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions and most importantly generate millions of dollars in savings for Syrah Resources.

Jason De Carteret, CEO of Solarcentury Africa, said “Solarcentury Africa were selected by Syrah Resources to be their renewable energy partner. We did the design, selected the contractors and equipment, structured the contracts, and arranged the funding by inviting CrossBoundary Energy to step in as funders. This one-stop-shop approach allowed Syrah to concentrate on their core business and they have been an excellent client to work with.” 

Agnaldo Laice, Director and General Manager of Syrah Resources Mozambique said, “it’s great to see something that was once a thought / idea come to fruition and deliver the expected / projected results.”

Drew Cormack, Head of Operations at Solarcentury Africa said, “with the ever-changing geopolitical dynamics  around  the  world,  Syrah  Resources  is  proving  how  advantageous  it  is  to  reduce  the uncertainty and reliance on fossil fuels by evolving their off-grid power plant towards an independent and economically stable solution with immediately realised cost and environmental benefits.” 

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Solarcentury Africa is one of the leading renewable energy developers in Africa with over ten years of experience operating on the continent. Headquartered in the UK with a physical presence in several countries in Africa, it is a market leader in the development of solar PV and energy storage projects using smart energy technology and controls in sub-Saharan Africa. Solarcentury Africa’s projects, partnerships and technologies generate clean power for investors, businesses and communities. Solarcentury Africa is part of the BB Energy Group.

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